Monday, October 17

Record Love

I love hurrying out of a sloppily parked car in a driveway and immediately scanning the garage sale for a dusty cardboard box, getting on my knees and flipping though dusty records. Garage sale shopping and thrift store shopping is practically a sport to me. However, I love going to (yes I'm doing a shout out) Dimple Records in Davis. I love knowing that I don't have to go leaving a little sad from a garage or an estate sale seeing only Bob Segar and Cat Stevens albums galore.
Today at Dimple, I  found The Supremes sing live at the Copa. The Copacobana was an extremely popular New York City night club established in the 40's. It was in this venue that The Supremes made their debut! I mean, how amazing is that. This just so happens to be that 1965 debut album. *_* SO HAPPY! 

"Baby Love"  is number four, side one of this marvelous Motown record. 

Thursday, October 6

Ringaling ring

So it's about time I share my jewelry box. It's pretty much a mess but I love every piece I own. I love unique pieces that will either bring color to an outfit or match my outfit's mood. Textures and materials are what make any piece that I fancy earn a spot in my already crowded box. 
     Some my father has made for me such as this four sided die originally used for Dungeons and Dragons and now used as a conversation starter on my ring! 
Some, like these two I bought from the UCSD bookstore are made up of small beads on metal projections giving it a  dynamic and kinetic composition (aka it's fun to see the little beads move and sparkle as my hand moves!)

Stay tuned until the next episode of the Sun Queen's jewelry box. (What will I pull out next? :P).