Tuesday, September 27

Who says you can't wear a dress to school?

"Picnic ready" by the SUN QUEEN (B.Rex) http://www.polyvore.com/year_freeform_fashion_day_11/set?id=37562778

Sometimes people ask me how I choose who to photograph. I realized after taking pictures of 100+ people that I am drawn to people who show creativity. I love it when people create a whole outfit accessories, hair etc. just like this fashionable lady.

The UCD student shown today has such an interesting style. She took an adorable beige dress covered with a Native American weave pattern dress and pulled it together with a simple brown belt (a must have fashion staple). Then, because the mornings here are chilly, she added a simple cardigan which is not only great practically, but fashionably as well. Her pink sandals are simply the cherry on top! 

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