Monday, September 19

Posh Pooch

I went to a thrift store called Opportunity House in my hometown Vacaville, CA and found this little gem. The pink (1950's) poodle is definitely an inspiring find. It is such a refined little pooch with its fur trimmed at both the ankles and the "wrists". And with a little beret placed perfectly upon its head, how could I not buy it! However, my favorite part about it aside from being vintage and pretty,  is because with it's tongue out, it looks more silly than refined. 
"Slow Blink" by Sun Queen (B.Rex)
The posh pooch was such an inspiration for me that I bought Mabelline's perfect pastels "turquoise glass" eye-shadow and combined it with my L'oreal felt tip liquid eyeliner to create an oh. so. retro. look. 

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