Thursday, September 8

Hello World, I'm Your Wide Eyed Girl

Hello! My name is Bridgett Rex. This is my new blog titled The Sun Queen. The title is inspired by the famous French ruler King Louis XIV (a.k.a The Sun King) was known for being a spectacle. He is particularly known for his patronage of the arts and I find him such a funny, interesting character.

This blog will cover anything that I find particularly inspiring that crosses my path on the internet or on foot. I will remain the forever tourist wandering with eyes wide open and imagination running wild. No matter how long you have been in a place, there is always a new way of looking at it.

P.S. Everything can be viewed as a form of ever changing art.
 most dearly and sincerely,
-Bridgett Rex.

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  1. i loooooooove davis! i was there the whole summer and want to go back soon! I wish i could have attended this event :/