Saturday, September 10


 The 10th annual Great California Paint out took place today in Davis, California. 100 artist set out some chairs, easels and stands and simply made art. Artists from all around the world including but not limited to Israel, Russia and France participated in the Davis event.

Evan Clayburg and his unofficially titled "the canvas and himself", 2011.

 Evan Clayburg (shown above) was one of the most anticipated artists of the 100 that participated today. Clayburg is not only a visual artist but also a graphic designer and musician. Today he was literally a "living painting" allowing anyone to walk up to him and paint him wherever and however they pleased. 
I loved his idea and how it got the community actively participating in the project so much that I asked him to paint me. Clayburg said the work he did on my hand was an "abstract piece" and laughed when he finished the masterpiece. 

"Clayborg's "instant inspiration" on my hand

At the end of the day, the paintings were auctioned off at the Natsoulas Gallery on First Street. While Clayborg was a piece of art, he was not auctioned off. --Only his canvas was.


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